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Croix Sather

World-Record-Breaking Athlete, Author, Inspirational Speaker, TEDX

Motivation is great ... but it is external and it fades.

When your team is INSPIRED, they develop the internal drive to do better and be better. Inspiration is an internal shift that creates Self-Motivation.

Croix is a brilliant inspirational speaker and story-teller who will capture the hearts and the minds of you and/or your team. The stories of his World Record Run through Death Valley will have everyone on the edge of their seats and will inspire listeners to dig deep and cross the finish line. Croix's stories about his Run Across America will teach you how maximize your performance and to persist in the face of immense odds, applying endless determination and leading by example. 

While Croix's accomplishments are über impressive, that is not what is most important. What's most important and impressive is the message of hope, faith, and finding your greatness to become the best version of yourself that you can be. Croix is a master of mindset technologies and a master teacher from the stage. He and his books will show you how to become a high performance person. See Croix's TEDx talk here 

Get one of Croix's books, "Dream Big Act Big" FREE here. (I really love this book!!)

Or his "Dream Big Life Planner" here. This'll really help you get organised!!

And check out his inspiring and motivational Zen Warrior Podcast here.