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When we write fiction, we're really telling some version of our own stories. And when we read fiction, we see ourselves and our own struggles and experiences between the lines.

Although the stories may be made up, the journeys aren't. Nor are the inspiration, hope and healing that can be drawn from the pages.

Liberty Forrest, ridding a client's home of nasty spirits, Suffolk, England.

Liberty Forrest, ridding a client's home of nasty spirits, Suffolk, England.

Paranormal Thriller Saga Series

Emotional journeys about characters readers love...
...and about ghosts who have a bone to pick...

"The Montgomery Chronicles"

This series begins with a Free Prequel: "Grave Truths" - my gift to you when you subscribe to my mailing list. This Paranormal Romance introduces you to two characters who will be major players in the series. 

This novella is lighter reading than the novels, giving you a chance to settle in before our beloved characters’ lives slide into a most disturbing hole…

Robert Montgomery is a recent graduate from medical school and set to move from Albany, New York and take a job in a small town near Nashville. But on the morning of his intended departure, a series of frighteningly spooky events keeps him from leaving.

As a result, a chance encounter with the lovely Lucy Watson ultimately turns both their lives upside down. Lucy’s wedding is just three days away. Already suspicious that her fiancé, George Williams, has dark secrets, now this handsome stranger has dropped a bomb right in the middle of her life. 

And within hours of meeting him, she, too, is unhinged by a creepy and disturbing event that leaves her questioning her sanity. 

Despite the efforts of each of these people to keep their respective lives on course, everything begins to unravel. And finally, certain truths are revealed — with some help from beyond the grave…

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"This is a wonderful, endearing book...It will wring your heart out like a sponge...beautifully orchestrated, showing raw emotions and how the family members deal with their own demons.

"With an exceptionally emotionally charged ending, I cannot say enough about this book. It leaves you wanting more, wishing it didn't end, wishing you could know more about what happens to this family. [The author] is so descriptive and lets us known the characters so intimately, that we cannot help but feel that they are real people and we really want to follow their lives after the story ends…

"If you never buy another book again, you must buy this one! It is so powerful, so moving, so beautifully written, it is guaranteed to be an extremely satisfying read!"

- Mrs. Charles Senior
Bolton, England

Book 1 - "The Gift" 

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"The Gift" is a heart-wrenching, emotionally charged novel. It is the story of a family’s journey through a very difficult and turbulent year. Already having endured many hardships, this family is fractured without even realizing it until the youngest child becomes critically ill.

With Christmas approaching, the little girl’s health takes a dramatic turn for the worse. Her parents and brothers begin quietly falling apart - despite attempts from the Spirit Realm to assist. It doesn’t take long before the fractures are enormous cracks, threatening to shatter the family completely.

Four-year-old Angelina watches as her family is forced to confront its demons, and she longs for her parents and brother to find their way to healing. But as with many healing journeys, things must get a lot worse before even beginning to get better.

This story is certain to move its readers to tears as they connect and identify with each member of the Montgomery family. Meet Angelina and the others. Wife and mother, Lucy, so lost in her own emotions that she withdraws into a fantasy world. Her husband, Robert, guilt-ridden and feeling inadequate, who finds himself on a dangerous path with life-altering ramifications. Teen son, James, consumed by his own anger to the point of self-destruction with deadly consequences.

And Elijah, a wise old soul at the age of ten, choking on his own pain while trying desperately to be the glue that holds his family together.      

He holds the key but no one is listening...

Follow these troubled hearts, who are lost and struggling to find their way through the darkness and who have lost all hope of ever finding the light. (Sample Chapter here)

*Note: a bit of language, and some situations not well suited to young readers.

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Book 2 - "Secrets"

"Secrets" are lurking everywhere, just waiting for dark places to hide. Secrets that get into your bones and eat you alive. Secrets that get into your heart and poison you. Secrets that you don’t even know you’re keeping…until they are revealed and blow your world apart.
    True to its name, “Secrets” is loaded with them. Some would have been better left long-buried. Others have managed to damage many lives, even if they aren't told. And a couple of them…well, they’re just plain lethal.
    Rosa has more secrets than a magician.
    Robert’s could destroy his family.
    Marissa’s secrets terrify Elijah.
    James and Aunt Charlotte each have secrets that could get them killed.
    Others have secrets, too.
    Benjamin Franklin said, “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” Well, I guess if that’s what it takes…

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Book 3 - "The Consequence" - coming in December 2017. Click here to be notified when it's available for pre-order if you're not already on my list!