In telling my own story, I am also telling the stories of others in a way that inspires, uplifts, and helps readers get unstuck and move forward...

Creative Healing: 30-Day Workbook and Colouring Journey

This book contains 30 inspiring, thought-provoking passages to read, each with a corresponding image to colour. It is designed as a 30-day journey but you can take your time, relaxing and colouring while absorbing empowering, healing messages.

  • Opposite the image pages are inspiring, empowering articles to contemplate as you colour
  • Images contain thought-provoking quotes
  • Loads of helpful tips to overcome obstacles
  • Insightful passages to assist you in healing, finding your strength, and living your best life
  • Relaxing and Stress-Relieving
  • Excellent gift for anyone who is recovering from physical, emotional or mental illness, trauma, life's difficulties - or for those who just want to become more self-aware


The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing

There are those who were told they would never walk again - but through sheer determination, they did it. There are those who were riddled with malignant tumours and given a death sentence, but repeatedly visualised perfect healing and they became well.  

There are numerous documented reports like these and usually, we think they are flukes, coincidence, or perhaps "miracles". They are so rare and so powerful, the notion that this could be commonplace does not occur to us.  

But it should.

For thousands of years, we have turned to medicine men, healers of all kinds throughout the ages, unaware that each of us possesses the power to create - and to heal - our illnesses. The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing is a fascinating and empowering page-turner, chock full of astonishing information that revolutionises the way we look at illness and healing.

Drawing on a wealth of information from numerous medical professionals, researchers, and scientists along with the metaphysical, mysterious and inexplicable, Liberty drops one fascinating piece of the puzzle after another into its rightful place, creating multifaceted and undeniable proof that self-healing is not only possible and powerful, but very simple for anyone to do. 

“Wow!  What an amazing book!!  Definitely a must-read!”

- Ashleigh Marshall, Northampton, England

"...[Liberty's book] is a compelling read I would recommend to anyone."

- John Warner, award-winning author

Meditation Essentials

The award-winning book, "Meditation Essentials: How to Quiet Your Mind to Achieve More Personal and Professional Success", is specifically designed for those who are beginning or having trouble with meditation. Covering a broad range of topics and offering a variety of meditations, this handy book is divided into 36 sections. Each one ends with suggested exercises to help you absorb the information and deepen your understanding of the process.

"All you need to get started is contained in this marvelous, timely, and highly digestible guide book."

- Brandon Royal, multi-award-winning writer
and author of The Little Red Writing Book

In Print:

Creative Clarity Designs

..".an absolutely superb book, filled with inspiring passages and imaginative pictures to colour, each with a motivational quote... Liberty Forrest has created a truly wonderful opportunity to spend some soul-soothing time colouring, and contemplating life." - Michael B. Davie, author, Winning Ways


The Soul Food Series

Similar to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” style of books, the “Soul Food” series (below) are filled with short pieces that cover a wide range of topics, such as forgiveness, grief, hope, staying positive, finding strength, letting go, and difficult relationships. There are also humorous, playful entries, as Liberty's childlike spirit brings out the kid in everyone. 

Growing up in an abusive environment sent Liberty down a very turbulent path, but ultimately, it was one that led to great healing. After studying social work as a single parent, she spent several years as a counsellor, later becoming a homeopath and enjoying yet another way to relieve suffering in others. She has also been a professional psychic and medium, using these natural gifts to help clients move forward. 

Using her varied personal and professional experiences, Liberty has her own special way of inspiring, empowering and encouraging those who are troubled, and helping them find peace and healing. 

Open these books to any page and feel better for having read an entry or two in just a few minutes. 

"Reading Liberty's writing is like having my own personal rainbow delivered every time." (Debra Carney, Orlando, Florida)


The Spirit Within

As unique as each of us is, all of us are very similar to one another as well. Yet how often have you felt as though no one could understand what you are experiencing?

Do you ever feel like Life is just a series of difficult lessons? For all of our differences, we are also very similar, yet sometimes, we feel very much alone and misunderstood.

Inside this book, you will find a collection of short stories, offering possible answers to many of your questions. The title story, the last and longest in the book, is especially thought-provoking and inspiring, offering meaningful and powerful insights that make sense of the difficulties we encounter in life.

Time and time again, you will relate to the feelings, the struggles, the triumphs and life lessons that you will find in this book. It may look deceptively simple on the surface, but there is a depth and richness to these stories that has surprised many.

Take a little walk down the common path of our human existence, and find yourself elevated to the spiritual plane, where you just might experience comfort, hope and healing in ways that you’ve never experienced them before.

"Outstanding! Liberty uses a very unique style of story-telling to convey many experiences to which all of us can relate. I believe [she] is one of the literary geniuses of our time. This is no ordinary woman...[her stories are] spellbinding...She is a truly remarkable woman and writer." 

- Pat Bradley, Cheshire, England



My daughter, Sarah, asked me to write down the recipes for the most basic and simple foods I used to make for my family when she was growing up and I was a single parent without a lot of money to feed a lot of children.

I created this book as a birthday gift for her so there's none of the "fency schmency" stuff I used to love to cook and bake in later years when I was always having friends round for meals.

There are also a lot of lined pages for you to add your own favourite family recipes.

From my heart to yours.