Rayne Reilly

Author of Sci-Fi and Paranormal Romance

Welcome to a world of Romance and Adventure!

 Rayne enjoys telling stories. But she enjoys writing Sci-Fi Romance and Paranonormal Romance stories most of all!

To her romance books should be about romance, not just sex. Not that there is anything wrong with liking that sort of thing of course ;-)  Her books don't have a lot of sex scenes, only what is necessary in the course of showing the relationship between her lead characters. Her stories have plenty of adventure and suspense. Her heroes are not written as alphas. They are sweet, protective and good to their women.

If you enjoy Science Fiction and Paranormal Romance that tell a real story, you very well might enjoy her books! Personally, I love them!

Be sure and check out her first book in series titled, Warriors of Taulon Prequel. I've been enjoying the entire series and am eager for more!