Above: Liberty Forrest --  Award-Winning Author, and former Professional Psychic and Medium, on a Ghost Hunt in England



Here's a bit of what readers have said about Liberty's writing

"Liberty Forrest is one of those authors whose work you cannot put down once you've started to read. She has shared with me the first three chapters of her current project and I'm already hooked. She has the knack of drawing in her readers as she weaves her story." 

- Chris Hughes, Huntingdon UK

"Liberty's writing leaves you wanting more, and wishing it didn't end..."

- Mrs Charles Senior, Bolton, UK

"Outstanding! Liberty uses a very unique style of story-telling to convey many experiences to which all of us can relate. I believe [she] is one of the literary geniuses of our time. This is no ordinary woman...[her stories are] spellbinding...She is a truly remarkable woman and writer." 

- Pat Bradley, Cheshire, England

"Liberty Forrest is an amazing story teller...I absolutely love reading anything Liberty writes."

- Christina Rowsell, Radio Host, Speaker,
Editor in Chief, Brighter Business Empower Magazine

"I love your writing. When I am reading your book I marvel at how incredible it is. I sure hope I can write even a bit like that one day. Amazing."

- Tori Reilly, Author, Canada

"Liberty Forrest has an amazing talent for...creating a very compelling story. I can't say enough about [her]..amazing writing..."

- Sheri Bruneau, Calgary

"Very inspirational...truly a wonderful writer!"

- Melinda L. Clarkson, Oregon, USA

"Reading Liberty's writing is like having my own personal rainbow delivered every time."

- Debra Carney, Orlando, Florida

“Wow!  What an amazing book!!  Definitely a must-read!”

- Ashleigh Marshall, Northampton, England

"...[Liberty's book] is a compelling read I would recommend to anyone."

- John Warner, award-winning author


- Diane Smith, Alberta

"...An astoundingly astute piece again from the legendary Liberty!! I really enjoyed it...Liberty, I adore your work..."

- Emma Passingham, UK

"Liberty is incredibly creative...an interesting and entertaining writer... Pleasant, articulate, positive and generous, Liberty is a great choice for whatever creative project you might have in mind. She is a pleasure to work with."

- Darlene Hull, Calgary

"Liberty writes her...books from the heart, combining personal experience and fantastic literary expertise."

- Paul Flint, UK

"I highly recommend [Liberty's] writing."

- David Hansen, Calgary